Our history

Feet on the ground since 1887

Three generations of shoemakers, three different eras and a single purpose: to be the best repair shop in Madrid's shoe industry.

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On August 30, 1887, Ramón Exerez Verdú completed his apprenticeship as a master shoemaker.

In 1910, he decided to specialize in the repair of footwear, eventually having three workshops in Madrid’s Paseo de Extremadura.

During the Civil War, that area was totally destroyed and on April 2, 1939, he opened a new workshop at 11 José Ortega y Gasset Street, including a room with bootblacking service.


The colors of the facade were red and yellow, which made everyone who passed by think it was a tobacconist’s shop.

Since 1960, his son Sebastian Exerez has taken over the business and has maintained it with great enthusiasm.

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Ramón Exerez Verdú

Ramón Exerez Verdú, an enterprising and well-known character in the world of footwear, friend of bullfighters such as Nicanor Villalta or El Viti, did not take long to work for the great families of Madrid.

From the then Prince Juan Carlos to the Mexican actor Mario Moreno «Cantinflas».

Fourteen people worked in that small workshop.

Ramón Exerez Verdú died in 1978.

Since 1960, his son Sebastian Exerez has taken over the business and has maintained it with great enthusiasm.



During this time, Ramón Exerez Cabadas, grandson of Ramón Exerez Verdú, does not lag behind and continues with the shoemaking tradition that is in his blood.

He began his professional apprenticeship and collaborated for years with Segui Shoe Company (Charles Jourdan Spain), Florsheim, Church’s, Allen Edmonds and finally Crockett and Jones.

He travels the world and meets great shoemakers such as John F. Lustic, Lazlo Vass, Dimitri Gomez and Peter Edward Meyer.

He collaborates with John Stolenberg in the quality control of Allen Edmonds and creates his own brand of shoes «Casa Exerez».

He introduces in Spain the remanufacturing (repair that can include the disassembly and subsequent assembly of the damaged shoe) and creates his own lasts with beveled edges.

This is how Ramón Exerez Cabadas, little by little, became a reference in the Madrid and national shoe-making sphere.

He leaves his mark with his professional value as a connoisseur of the trade and of the whole manufacturing process of high quality footwear for both men and women.